Business Insurance

We specialise working with small, medium businesses across all industries, to provide solutions that help reduce risk and protect the business.
We work with business owners to understand the risks with Key People cover, buy/sell agreements, and using insurance to provide peace of mind so they can get on doing what they do best.

Employee Benefits

Many businesses are recognising the value in providing insurance benefits to their employees. This can help improve retention, attract new talent, reduce sickness and downtime, and shows the employees that the business cares for them and their family.
In addition, many employees are now asking for this when looking for new roles.
There are many forms this can take, so we work to tailor make a plan that works for each business.
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ACC is effectively NZ’s largest insurer and we all pay levies as long as we earn, whether employed or self employed.
ACC tell us 9 out of 10 self employed or business owners may not be on the better cover ACC offer, known as ACC Cover Plus Extra (CPX).
Being on CPX can reduce your levies, improve predictable invoices and financial outcomes, and work better with other private insurances.


Kiwisaver, the Government initiative to help save for our retirement, may not have been given as much attention as it should have.
Do you know:
What fund you are in? What are the returns and risks?
Who is your provider? Do you know how secure the funds are?
What are your fees? Are you on the right tax code?
How has the Kiwisaver fund you are in been performing? Short and long term?
Did you qualify for the Government’s 50% subsidy, up to $521 a year?

Other Insurances

There are many other aspects to protecting your family, business and assets. We work closely with other specialists in Fire & General insurance, Mortgages, Legal and Conveyancing, Accounting, Financial Planning, ie investments, etc so you get the best advice possible.


  • Arthur is an incredible guy: his mission is to do his customers right. He'll go above and beyond to ensure you get the cover you need. You'd be amazed at what he can do to help out, even if you've already taken out a policy with another provider

    Ben Male

  • The person to call for your insurance and claims professional and caring

    Rajesh Chandan

  • Kay and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your efforts with Kay's recent early life pay-out. We realise the "behind the scenes" works that is involved in a claim such as thins, and from our perspective you made the process fast and painless for us!

    Greg Longstaff

  • Just thought I would let you know I’m now 30 days post procedure for my varicose veins! Thanks for going in to bat for me and making sure I got the cover I needed based on the circumstances.
    My legs and I will be forever grateful.

    Jason Tidswell

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